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Cell Groups

Cell groups meet throughout the week. We’re still sorting out meeting times and locations for the fall. Give Julia, Russell, or one of the cell leaders a poke if you're interested in cell group!

Julia Wong
Russell Lee

Jesus wasn’t just about the crowds, but also a personal relationship with his disciples. That’s what cell group is about; smaller groups where you can grown in discipleship on a more intimate and personal level than in large group or church.

Cell groups are composed of 6-9 members of the same gender who meet every week for Bible study, sharing, prayer, encouragement, and accountability. Whether you’re a non-Christian seeking answers or a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, cell group is a place where you can go to grow closer to other Christians and God.

Each cell group has its own personality, so we encourage you to visit a few before deciding which one to stick with. If you have any questions or are a little unsure of where to start, feel free to poke Julia or Russell. They’d love to help you find a cell group you can call home!

Information last updated January 27, 2017.

Men's Cell Groups

  • Pack

    LeaderBryan Wang

    LocationCUC Chapel

    TimeMonday 7:30PM


    LeadersCharlie Ma + Soonho Kwon

    LocationCUC 329

    TimeThursday 7:00PM

  • RAM

    LeaderNowa Bronner

    LocationHillman Room 387

    TimeTuesday 7:00PM

  • Delta

    LeaderRay Li

    LocationResnik 420

    TimeWednesday 7:30PM

Women's Cell Groups