Asian Christian Fellowship

Grow through the study of God's word and fellowship with other students.

Large Group

Fridays 7:30pm ET

Zoom Meeting

Contact: Liz Guo

We gather for large group every Friday, rotating locations between Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh campuses. Large group is a time when we gather together as a fellowship to share, love, and learn. This year, all of our large groups have been held online, and we love to study, learn and worship together, even on Zoom!

So what exactly can you expect at a typical large group? We open with a time of worship, followed by corporate or small group prayer, and then a sharing by someone in the fellowship. One of our leaders guides us in a topical study, and afterwards we break into smaller discussion groups to talk about the topic in more depth. We reconvene for some closing worship and reflection time. It's also not uncommon for us to celebrate birthdays, hang out, or go out to eat afterwards.

Visit our events page for updated information about large group and other events. Come check out large group! We hope to see you there.

Information last updated September 1, 2020.