Asian Christian Fellowship

Mature in your walk through worship and study with the body of Christ.

Pittsburgh Chinese Church

Sundays 10am-1pm

Morewood Parking Lot (9:10am) or
William Pitt Union (9:15am)

If you're not a morning person, we can give you a wakeup call too! :)

Contact: Ray Li

Every Sunday, many ACFers attend service and Sunday school at Pittsburgh Chinese Church. We have a bus which takes us from school to and from PCC, and people nap or chat on the bus. Usually, we get there a bit early and there’s a small snack available to munch on if you skipped your breakfast.

Service is a time of worship, sharing, and a sermon from one of the pastors or elders at the church. Most of us go to the English service, but there’s also a Mandarin/Cantonese service. On occasion there’s also a joint congregation service.

For Sunday school, you can choose between two classes. One is a study of one of the books of the Bible (rotating between Genesis, John, Romans, and Acts) and the other is a more topical study (like how to study the Bible). Afterwards, we have lunch at the church and then take the bus back.

Not all ACF members attend PCC. If it's not your cup of tea, take a look at our links page for other local churches.